Testing Equipment

Reducing your production and labor costs is our priority. We can provide you with a wide range of testing equipment that can significantly reduce or even eliminate manual gauging, returns and re-work costs by implementing strategic quality control measures. These machines are engineered and designed by our engineers based on your production and quality requirements.

Solutions we’ve developed:

  • machine vision systems
  • test fixtures
  • leak test systems 
  • pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical functional test fixtures
  • virtual condition gages (quality control) *
  • burst testers  
  • press load monitors

*A virtual condition gage, in Alaark’s terms, is an inline industrial automated inspection gage to monitor pass/fail products such as castings, housings and most manufactured parts.

Inspection capabilities include:             

  • threads 
  • profile
  • hole diameter
  • perpendicularity 
  • tight clearance
  • true position 
  • flatness
  • hole depth
  • parallelism
  • attributes
  • measurement
  • absence/Presence