The addition of this 2-Axis Waterjet will not only mean that we can offer stand-alone Waterjet services to our customers, but it will also mean faster turn around and higher efficiency on many of the services, parts, and machinery that are currently provided to our customers. 

Utilizing state of the art technology, this robust piece of equipment contains a self-aligning diamond mixing chamber.  Equipped with a 90,000 PSI pump this Waterjet is capable of cutting titanium, steel, aluminum and stone up to 6” thick, all within a large work area of 11’ 4" x 5' 9" (136" x 69").  The travel area measures 10' 11.75" x 4' 3" (131.75" x 51"). Despite the capacity and power, it is also highly accurate +/- .005 inches and able to cut a wide variety of materials including plastic, rubber, acrylic and even paper or food.