Boring Mills

We offer state-of-the-art large capacity boring mills with offline programming capabilities to fit your machining needs. With over 2,600 square feet of work area, and two 5-ton overhead cranes, we can accommodate a variety of setups to serve all of our customer's needs. Our mills are run by skilled tradesmen and have the capability to hold close tolerances up to +/- .0004 inches.

G & L Boring Bar Capacity: 

  • 108 in. of "X" travel
  • 70 in. of "Y" travel
  • 36 in. of "Z" travel
  • 24 in. of "W" travel¬†

WMW Boring Bar Capacity:

  • 98 in. of "X" travel
  • 76 in. of "Y" travel
  • 71 in. of "Z" travel
  • 64 in. of "W" travel
  • 360 degree table rotation
  • 40-pocket tool changer